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The Natural Wonders of Argentina
Alain Lledo

I had the great pleasure of making this trip. Two things to share:

Argentina is a country where nature is amazing, contrasting: tropical in the north with the Iguazu Falls which are a wonder of nature, in the south, we find the steppe of Patagonia with its breathtaking glaciers and authentic estancias.

Argentines are very welcoming.

And also, taste the parillas: delicious grilled meats that are a must!

And the organisation?

At the top'! Punctual taxis and buses, friendly French-speaking guides, perfect hotels.

Words are useless, only experience counts: don't hesitate to go there!

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Spring Fasting and Mono-diet

Very pleasant stay in a natural environment in the Ardèche but no diet (stay not listed in the section).

Warm and friendly welcome and accompaniment meeting interesting people with activities that energise the region.

We enjoyed it very much.

These travellers have benefited from our advice and expertise in organising their à la carte stay at the Château de Liviers, with the collaboration of Graziella Queron.

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Swimming with dolphins
Mr Fileraire-Ramos

Our trip to the Azores allowed us to discover the islands of Fayal and Pico, their very different and beautiful landscapes, but above all a friendly and welcoming Portuguese population, whose daily calm was a welcome source of rest. The accommodation (bed and breakfast and traditional house) was very pleasant and the local intermediaries were always available and smiling: each time, someone took the time to give us clear information about the place, the activities and the procedures. Likewise, the CW Azores team, which was in charge of the sea trips (dolphin diving, cetacean watching), is composed exclusively of specialists, all motivated by a passion for the marine fauna they love to share and attentive to the well-being of each person as well as to everyone's questions: Each excursion was a real moment of discovery and understanding of the marine world (various dolphins, jumping sperm whales, frenetic flying fish, gliding cagarros, sharks in transit). Our satisfaction is complete and the Azores will certainly be a place where we will return very soon to enjoy the island serenity.


If I were to qualify this praise, which is nonetheless sincere, I would say that the point to be reviewed is the noise of the accommodation:
- In Horta, the guest room had all the qualities we had hoped for, but the window overlooking the main street and the noise of the cars on the cobblestones made us (really) very early;
- on Pico, the location was absolutely wonderful but the almost constant high pitched barking (day and night) of the neighbour's dogs was a real nuisance. While thanking our lovely host with a message we left in the house, we informed him of this inconvenience.
In spite of this, the main part of the trip was really enjoyable and we are happy with this experience in Azore. We thank you for your availability and your organisation.

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Spring Fasting and Mono-diet

Since this very particular and unequalled stay for me, I am still fully marked by these beautiful and strong moments, also marked by a new way of living, particularly from the point of view of food, food hygiene I would say. A real serenity.

After this stay I found myself again, I rediscovered the taste for eating well, I found a real well-being, both in my body and in my head, this challenge that was for me this week of fasting, with its preparation, the time of fasting itself, and then the resumption of eating was successful, Thanks to you Graziella, your knowledge, your support, thanks to the context which lent itself to it, and to the favourable place, thanks to the friends and the friendship which was created spontaneously between us all, thanks to our exchanges, to listening to each other.

It was a real ordeal for me, which gave me an electric shock... a "good" electric shock. And especially the last two days I had reached a real state mixed with exhaustion and well-being at the same time (that I didn't imagine I would be able to reach, without reacting further). But this "electroshock" made me find myself again, and gave me back the energy, the one that was in me but that I was not always using in a positive way, for me.

What this stay has given me is what I really needed without really knowing before.

I feel good... very good. For me it would have been a bit like a second birth, really.

I stayed in a weakened state for a very long time after our return, and it was difficult to get out of it (...) Since Tuesday, it's all fresh, I've totally recovered from my frequent weakening moments. Yesterday, Thursday, I started cycling again, and every day I prefer to walk. And I feel great. And.... incredible: I no longer cough at night....! and.... I sleep well every night....! I can't believe it. Thank you Graziella, what a good idea it was to contact you... what a good idea it was to take the step of fear..."

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Spring Fasting and Mono-diet

I am delighted with this week of fasting accompanied by Graziella. It was a first for me. At the end of the fast I feel like a new person. I was surprised to find that my body was getting used to not eating, Graziella's kind guidance really helps me to listen to myself, with lots of love, and that's great! I was very happy to offer this rest to my body and to experience this slowing down of the rhythm that comes with fasting, I really felt closer to myself. And also, what I noticed was that I could decide what was good for my body, without being trapped by the beliefs I had about food. There is nothing like experience to learn! When I came back from the fast, I also needed to lighten up on my equipment, I sorted out my cupboards and drawers... What a joy it was to unclutter my environment. In fact, what I did for my interior was naturally done in my exterior. What a gift this week has been, rich in experiences where I see myself with more listening and respect for myself. Thank you very much Graziella for this beautiful week and the activities you proposed to us. And, see you soon for another fast!

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Spring Fasting and Mono-diet

I experimented with fasting for the first time in 2016 (6 days), the trigger: the film "Fasting, a new therapy" (Arte), I did it again this year with Graziella again as a naturopathic guide. In my opinion, it is essential to be supervised because we do not know how our body will react and in these moments, it is better to have good advice and naturopathic applications! My motivation: to detoxify and rest my body and organs out of respect and kindness for all the work they do on a daily basis. I am amazed by the capacities and intelligence of this marvellous human body which takes advantage of this break to repair itself, it is magic!
No feeling of hunger as the intestines are empty after the purge. I was filled with advice and common sense during the presentations and I must say that Graziella has the art of communicating clearly and simply her knowledge of the vast field of naturopathy, which allowed me to reinforce my thoughts on the importance of eating consciously and adjusting my eating habits.

Highlights of this course : 

  • the place in Ardèche in a 12th century castle which invites to contemplation, to a spiritual retreat...
  • the diversity of activities offered: Meditation, Do In, QI Gong, Sophrology, Reflexology, Storytelling, Astrology classes, Hammam, Hiking, Nutritional lectures...
  • Mental preparation: by affirming to prepare psychologically.
  • the synergy of the group, which allowed me to meet some great people.

A big thank you to Graziella who, through her professionalism and human qualities, accompanied us with kindness...

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Spring Fasting and Mono-diet

I am happy to have had this experience of fasting.

Graziella gave me good advice for the first stage, the descent into food, and for the third stage, the resumption of food. It was certainly a week without food, but a deep inner emptiness gradually set in with a feeling of physical and mental well-being.

And what's more! in an exceptional idyllic setting at the 12th century Château de Liviers in the heart of the Monts d'Ardéche regional nature park.

Our days were rich in activities such as meditation, Gi Gong, sophrology, foot reflexology, hikes, hammam and massage; in the evening, after the broth, various workshops were offered: astrology, naturopathy, essential oils, healthy and balanced food, the digestive system; days and evenings filled with spiritual and playful nourishment.

Beautiful meetings and exchanges within the group!

Grazie mille Graziella for this beautiful and successful fasting experience; now I am ready with energy and vitality for a new healthy food balance.

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